Kindergarten Rules
The following is a list of class rules,rewards, and consequences. We use a token system in the classroom to reinforce appropriate behavior. Students receive five tokens at the start of each day. If they are following the rules they keep all five. After first offense, I give a verbal warning. For each offense thereafter, a coin is taken away. At the end of the week, treasure box is awarded for those who qualify. Please review these rules with your child to help maintain a classroom of character.
  • Follow Directions
  • Feet and hands to yourself
  • Small voices inside, tall voices outside
  • Work together

  • Smiles
  • Free choice
  • Center Time
  • Praise
  • Prizes
  • Recess
  • Classroom Parties

  • Verbal warning.
  • Move card to yellow or red.
  • Time out.
  • Loss of recess.
  • Contact parents.

  • Send to Principal